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COVID-19 Job retention scheme

The Job Retention Scheme enables employers who have no work for employees to receive financial support from the government to pay these employees while they are on leave or furloughed and not able to work. The key features of the … Read More

Fixed Term Employees

If you have a need for some extra help or cover for a project or an employee’s leave, but this has an end date, one option you can look at is employing someone on a fixed term contract.  Fixed Term … Read More

Performance Management

Performance management is the system you use to align your business goals with the work of your employees to: ·         Get better results for your business ·         Monitor and improve individual and team performance ·         Understand individuals and how they … Read More

Retaining Staff

We all understand that losing a member of staff can cause added stress with recruitment costs, lack of cover and loss of knowledge.  It is good practice to have a plan in place to try and retain your staff so … Read More

April 2019: Pay slip changes

There are two important changes to the Employment Rights Act 1996, affecting pay slip information, which came into force on 6 April: Employers must include the total number of hours worked where the pay varies according to the hours worked, for … Read More

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